Justify My Attendance

To help justify your attendance at PowerSchool University (PSU), we've written a letter to send your manager listing the many benefits of PSU.

Download the letter, add your details (name, location preference, goals, etc.), edit it as necessary, and we'll see you at PSU!

PSU Justification Letter

Why attend PSU?

  • Put it to Work - In addition to optional one-on-one and evening lab assistance, you can select up to 24 hours of hands-on training classes, for up to a total of 28 instructional hours. You'll work directly within PowerSchool and receive step-by-step, hands-on training throughout every course. This specialized training allows you to return to your district and immediately implement what you've learned.
  • Collaborate - At PSU, you'll meet the best and the brightest of your PowerSchool community. You'll find countless opportunities to network with staff, trainers, and PowerSchool users during each of your classes and at every meal.
  • Get Your Toughest Questions Answered - You can meet with the PSU staff and receive personalized help. Throughout PSU, PowerSchool trainers will be available to meet with you at PSU Open Lab and answer your detailed questions one-on-one. If you have PowerSchool technical support questions, make an appointment with our PowerSchool Support staff at SupportLab. We want you to leave PSU with all of your questions answered.
  • Earn CEUs and Get Certified - The PSU course catalog has over 80 different courses to choose from, organized by topic, level of experience, and job role, making it easy to fill your schedule. You can use your time at PSU to get certified in an available topic and bring that training home to your district. You can also earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for most of our courses.
  • Take it With You - Reviewing what you learn or getting to check out a course you didn't have time to attend is made simple because you will leave PSU with curriculum for the entire course catalog. You will also receive special, extended PSU access to our PD+ self-paced training during PSU and for the two weeks after PSU.