Schoolnet Resources & Materials

Update - Beginning June 30, 2014, these materials will no longer be available on PowerSource. Please access the current and updated materials on SharePoint.

Welcome Idaho Educators!

In an effort to fully integrate Schoolnet for use in Idaho classrooms, schools and districts, the following resources and links are available.

Please find within these tabs, resources, training materials and on-demand training available 24/7 from any internet-connected computer.

Find below a chart of common FAQ's that will link to the direct resource.

FAQ Title Powersource Material
Where/How Can I get Schoolnet Assistance? Schoolnet Support Guide
Where/How Can my School/District receive Schoolnet Training? Contact SDE to inquire about Schoolnet Professional Development
How Do I Create an Assessment? Assessment Admin: Create a Manual Test
Assessment Admin: Create an Express Test
How Do I Schedule and Administer an Assessment? Assessment Admin: Administering Online Assessments
Assessment Admin: Scoring Online Assessments
Assessment Admin: Scheduling Tests
How Can I Administer Paper Assessment? Assessment Admin: Preparing for Paper Tests
How Do I Access Student Portal information, including Student usernames? Student Portal Information
How Do I Access My Students Digital Backpack?
How Do I Access a Student Growth Profile?
Access Digital Backpack and Student Growth Profile
How do I access Benchmark Assessment Results? Classroom Level Reporting
How Do I Access Standardized Test Data? Standards Mastery Report
How Do I Create Student Groups for Differentiated Instruction? Creating Student Groups and Filtering Analysis Spreadsheet with Student Group
How Do I Find Curricular Materials and Standards? Locate Instructional Materials and Standards
How do I create a lesson, unit or resource? Creating a Lesson Plan
Creating a Lesson Plan using the State Template
Creating Resources and adding to LP
Assign Resources to Students
Submitting Instructional Materials for Approval
How Do I Schedule in My Lesson Planner? Schedule Lesson Plans
How Do I Access Teachers' Lesson Planner? Accessing the Lesson Planner for Administrators
How Do I Access District Benchmark Assessment Results? School and District Data: Overview
How do I access KPI's? School and District Data: Overview
How do I Generate Pre-Formatted Reports? School and District Data: Creating Pre-Formatted Reports
How do I Track and Manage PD Activities? PDPlanner Workbook
How can I manage my Personal Professional Development? PDPlanner Workbook
How Do I Register for State and District Professional Development Activities? Schoolnet PDP: Searching and Registering

Please note that the below Home and PowerSource Portal links take you to Pearson sites and not back to the ISEE portal.