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How to Determine Your Experience Level

Novice users: Are you new or have limited experience working with PowerSchool products? Generally, novice-level courses are for users that rely on clear step-by-step instructions to accomplish a task.

Intermediate users: Do you work within PowerSchool SIS or other PowerSchool products on a regular basis? Generally, an intermediate user has a good understanding of the organization and layout of a PowerSchool product and does not need to rely on instructions to accomplish a task.

Advanced users: Have you spent several years accumulating relevant experience and proficiency in a PowerSchool product? An advanced user knows a PowerSchool product intuitively and is ready to customize PowerSchool for their district's needs. The advanced user courses are designed to help users expand their PowerSchool product knowledge beyond the interface.

Not sure which courses to take?

Training Recommendations

Use the Training Recommendations guide as a reference for which courses you should take based on your product interest and experience level.

Courses by Topic

The Courses by Topic list includes course information based on topics that may interest you.

Learning Paths

Continuing Education Units

View steps for earning CEUs.

PowerTeacher Pro Certification Track

View list of courses eligible for PowerTeacher Pro Certification.

Enterprise Reporting Certification

View list of courses eligible for Enterprise Reporting Certification.

Database Management Certification

View list of course eligible for Database Management Certification.

Role-Based Certifications

  • PowerSchool SIS Principal Certification
  • PowerSchool SIS School Counselor Certification
  • PowerSchool SIS Front Office Staff Certification
  • PowerSchool SIS PowerTeacher Pro for Teachers Certification
  • Not all certifications offered at all events.

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    Who should take this class: All PowerSchool Users

    Recommended prior training or experience: None

    User Level: Novice Length: 3 Hours Prerequisites: