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Administrative user account

By default, a PowerSchool SMS system starts with one user account: Admin. The Admin account has complete access to all aspects of the system, that is, district-wide scope [>>] and all permissions [>>]. Typically only a District Administrator has access to an administrative user account.

In a system in which automatic email notification is active, the email address in the Administrator account automatically receives email about important events such as replication failures. The Administrator email address is also used as the originating address for all email notices that are automatically sent to school staff. To have messages sent to more than one address, set up an email distribution group, and enter the group's email address in the Administrator account's Email field.

A system user cannot delete the Admin account or change its permissions. However, the District Administrator can change the Admin account's password or reset it. The initial password for the Admin account is "admin". Caution: Given the power of the Admin account, we recommend keeping strict control over access to it.

To reset the Admin user account's Password to "changeme" [DA]:

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