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Student Transcript by Year

This report produces transcripts for specific students, grade levels, or homerooms in your school. It groups transcripts by school year (such as 2007, 2008, and 2009) and then alphabetically by school name [Figure 222]. The report includes options to display ethnicity, graduated students, grades, current year information, and official transcripts with watermarks. By default, PowerSchool SMS sets the report filters to only the selected students.

Note: This report has two versions: one for Permanent Record (PR) environments and one for other environments. The PR version use data from a combination of existing historical tables and new permanent record tables.

Figure 222: Student Transcript by Year report sample results

Report options include:

= Display Historical As: Determines the display format of historical grades, such as numeric, letter grade, or pass/fail. (Grades for the current year are displayed as the school recorded them.)
= Sort Order:

By Course Name

By Course Number

= Ethnicity:

Print ethnic category

Print federal ethnic category and federal race categories

= Include Only Graduated Students: Includes a student only if an accreditation date is entered on his or her historical page.
= Include Current Year Info: Generates all current year information including both the active year and the historical record with the current year date. If you select this option, the report calculates GPAs to include information for the active year. Note: Applies to environments other than Permanent Record.

In a Permanent Record environment, this option is Print Year GPA for active year if active year is included. This generates the active-year data if either the Last-completed report card or the Current report card option is selected in the Active year data area of the Permanent Record Setup page (to exclude active-year data, select the Do not include active year data check box).

Caution: This calculation requires additional processing time and may impact system performance.

= Print Official Transcript: Places the text "Official" as a watermark on the transcript. Otherwise the watermark is "Unofficial" [Figure 222].
= School Message: The report includes on the transcript any message entered here; for example, "School reopens and classes start August 20".

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